This has been a a crazy few weeks being in lock down mode.  During this time of isolation we wanted to set up a new feature on the web page.  It can be so easy to get tangled in a spiral of negative thoughts and worries.  But it seems that in my darkest moments of stress and grief I need to stop and reset and count my blessing.  We want to keep up with our Kirk families and we want to take a moment each week  to share our blessings.

The Lasker/Turner family wants to kick it off with some things we can be truly grateful for.

When our family camp gets canceled we do it in the backyard, campfire and all


Family meal time, either gathered around the table or outside on the patio we are eating together.

Being forced to be at home means we have time to do puzzles.

A grand daughter brings her grandma lunch when she is on a church call that runs into lunch time.

Home schooling is tricky but these kids have teachers you care and people who want to help them be successful.

Sunday school worship continues, just in our pajamas and over zoom.

Having my nephew with us in quarantine means the kids get music class every day.


Next week we would love to have updates from the rest of our families.

Email your photos with a description to [email protected] and we will include you in next weeks blog.