Endowment Sunday

The Endowment Year of 2014 has begun and the suggested donation for this year is $48. On the first Sunday of every month, members are encouraged to use the Endowment Envelopes and put in cash or checks equal to the date of the Sunday. If a Sunday is missed, members can put it in the following Sunday. For example, the suggested donations for 2013 are January – $6, February $3, March $3, April $7, May $5, June $2, July $7, August $4, September $1, October $6, November $3, December $1. Everyone is encouraged to put in this amount, or any other amount for the year, as it would help the Endowment Fund to grow. No donation is too small or too large. All are welcome.

Milestones Endowment Giving

If you have a birthday, anniversary, birth or death in the family, or a special event such as graduations, retirement, etc., you can give special gifts to commemorate those special times. Giving $1 per year per event, such as $25 for a 25 th birthday, gives the donor the opportunity to become part of the endowment of the Kirk. Suggesting donations to the fund, instead of receiving gifts from friends and family, is a special way to say how much the Kirk means to you and your family. Of course, any amount of donation per event is appropriate.

Amount to Give

Any amount from $1 to “the sky’s the limit” is welcome in the Endowment Fund. It is hoped that every member of the Kirk will become a part of this Endowment, although it is strictly voluntary.

Acceptance of Gifts

In addition to cash gifts, the Endowment Fund will accept stocks and marketable securities that are listed on a major exchange and these shall be sold as soon as possible. All gifts will be converted to cash unless otherwise agreed to with the donor. Real and personal property will be accepted only after a determination is made by Session that accepting the gift will not result in any risk to the Kirk. The Session has the right to refuse any gift it considers inappropriate.

Benefits of the Income

The Endowment policy states: ” Income for use by the Kirk each year shall be defined as a percentage of the total value of the fund on the previous December 31 provided the initial gift principal is not invaded. The purpose is to make money available for special programs of the Church, the School, and major capital projects outside the Kirk’s normal operating budgets.”

In 2007, the income received from the Endowment Fund was used to redesign and replant the Meditation Garden off the narthex in the church. A new bench was added, as were plants and annual flowers. During nice weather, members can stroll or sit in the garden.

In 2008, the income received was used to purchase three sets of tables and chairs. They are metal with stone table tops and mesh chair coverings. They are placed in the patio area and provide comfortable seating when the patio is in use after the church service and during any evening events. The Kirk School is able to use them for meetings and other gatherings during the day.

In 2009, the income was used to enlarge and enhance our sound equipment. With our new sanctuary, this was very necessary and welcomed.

In 2010 the following beautiful, matching tan covers were purchased: an organ cover for our new Rodgers organ, a piano cover, and a cover for our new communion table. All of these covers help to protect these items in the sanctuary.

In 2011, it was decided to acquire a Hearing Assistance System that people can use during the service. With this program, everyone has the ability to hear what is being said during the Service.
The income from the fund shall not be used to support day-to-day operating expenses of the Kirk Church. The designated income for the Kirk School from the fund may be used to support day-to-day operating expense for the Kirk School.


The Endowment Fund is growing each year as a result of the generosity of the Kirk members and friends. Every January it has given us the opportunity to upgrade and modernize the facilities and operation of the Kirk. The “Fund for Our Future” is securing a church for our children and grandchildren, and others that come along.

There is no greater way to state your beliefs in the work of our church.