Exciting and Engaging Sunday School Program

Kid Zone Sunday School is offered from 10 am – 11 am every Sunday for children grades K – 5.  Children start in the worship service for the praise music and then are dismissed to their classes

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of teachers that fully engage the children while leading them on their faith journey. In August the theme was Mission Control…. Follow the flight plan.  We are learning about obedience.



At the end of the worship  service children participate in the “Moment with Children” where they are invited by Pastor Tina to share with the congregation what they learned.  This is always exciting and sometimes a little crazy.


Even Pastor Tina joined in the space journey and delivered her benediction from space.




Once a month Communion is served and the children are welcome to participate in receiving the sacraments.  We bring the children and their families together to strengthen the family bond with God.


About our Program:

At the  Kirk we use the Orange curriculum as a basis our children’s ministry program.  The priority of the curriculum is help children to Love God.  This is accomplished by moving kids to:

Love God by inciting wonder

Love life by providing discovery

Love others by fueling passion

This curriculum focuses on one life attribute monthly and builds creative lessons/activities to guide children on their faith journey.  The program also focuses on building a faith partnership between child and family.

The life attributes for the 2019-2020 school year are:

August: Obedience

September: Trust

October: Courage

November: Honor

December: Joy

January: Knowledge

February: Love

March: Forgiveness

April: Humility

May: Determination


We invite you to come and experience our children’s ministries and join us on this journey to help children grow in their faith.