The Kirk’s Mission

We are a Christ-centered family, open and inviting to everyone, responding to God’s grace and love through worshiping with words and music, learning, laughing, praying and serving others together.

We are directed by the Bible, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we strive to be Christ-like in all of our relationships and acts.

We are a family – we share joys and concerns, take our baptismal vows seriously, and accept each member as a valuable part of our church family

We are open and inviting to everyone – we respect our differences culturally, ethnically, theologically and in all ways that make us unique in the eyes of God.

We respond to God’s grace and love – Our reformed and Presbyterian heritage calls us to rejoice in the gospel and share the good news with everyone we meet through service within our church family and community.

The Kirk’s Programs

The community around us is in a state of change, and we are aware of the need to continually examine and adjust our programs.  We have been invigorated by the many challenges that face our church and are experimenting in the worship service with ways to address preferences of more youthful worshipers, while maintaining important elements of our traditional strengths.

Our Deacons maintain an active prayer chain and provide congregational support. Together with the Outreach Team ministry, they support many community organizations: Green Bag program, Valley Interfaith Council, Adopt a Caseworker for Abused Children, and Mary Magdalene Project, and Pacific Boys Lodge.

Skills and Experiences within our congregation

Our Congregation is blessed to have many members with extraordinary gifts, both tangible and spiritual. Along with gifts of music, art, and leadership, our members demonstrate a depth of commitment and generosity with their money, time, and talent.

Since 1961, the Kirk Schools have been a significant presence on the church grounds. Its 200 children, preschool through 5th grade, and their families, is our largest outreach program. The school occupies most of our buildings and campus during the week. We believe that living together peacefully in diversity is a skill sorely needed in our world, and one best taught to children beginning at a young age; therefore, our curriculum has a strong character formation element that includes a focus on the traits of respect, acceptance, compassion, and conflict resolution. Teaching these universal traits resonates well with our ethnically and religiously diverse families that make up our student body.

Key theological issues of the church and society
that are reflected in the ministry of the congregation

Our church considers itself a close family. We recognize, however, that we are individuals with personal faith interpretations.  Although we may not always agree with one another, we believe that good people can respectfully disagree.  Consequently, we accept thoughtful, diverse opinions, but join together in unity, as members of the body of Christ, to worship God.  Loving and accepting one another as God’s unique creation is central to our church life.

We celebrate the Lord’s supper the first Sunday of each month, generally around the table in groups of twelve.  On occasion we also celebrate by intinction or in the pews.  We encourage children to participate with their families by either receiving the elements, if they so choose, or by receiving a blessing from the pastor.

We embrace and welcome each new member by baptism or profession of faith into the church family. As new members commit or renew their commitment to Jesus as Lord of their lives, we as a congregation commit, not only to support and nurture the new members in their faith journey, but to examine our own faith journey, so as to reflect the teachings of Jesus in our lives.