Kirk Schools

Since 1961, the Kirk Schools have been a significant presence on the church grounds. Its 200 children, preschool through 5th grade, and their families, is our largest outreach program. The school occupies most of our buildings and campus during the week. We believe that living together peacefully in diversity is a skill sorely needed in our world, and one best taught to children beginning at a young age; therefore, our curriculum has a strong character formation element that includes a focus on the traits of respect, acceptance, compassion, and conflict resolution. Teaching these universal traits resonates well with our ethnically and religiously diverse families that make up our student body.

Pacific Lodge, Woodland Hills

The Kirk O’ the Valley the has supported the Pacific Lodge for over 20 years by providing monthly birthday celebrations for the residents, assisting with specific ground maintenance programs and providing additional service items needed.

Valley Persian Christian Church

We believe that part of our mission is to provide meeting spaces and to work collaboratively with organizations that serve our community.  The Valley Persian Christian Church meets at the Kirk O’ the Valley church following our worship service on Sundays.

Other Outreach Programs:

Kirk O’ The Valley is part of the nationwide Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)and regularly supports Presbyterian efforts on the international level through its contribution to the Presbyterian Mission Fund.